Online Investment: Opportunities & Pitfalls

When assessing an online investment business, there are many things we should take into consideration. Almost everyone is aware of the value of digital investments these days. For this article, we will take the example of investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new type of investment, and many investors are unsure of what is involved. As with any new investment, research is the key to success.

Level of Risk

We should decide before choosing an investment as to what level of risk we are willing to accept. Taking on a high-risk investment is fine, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when doing so. Firstly, can you afford to lose the capital you are putting in? The more loss you are willing to risk, the more options then are open to you. Secondly, is the potential reward worth the risk you are taking? High risk for low reward is a fool’s strategy. Even with cryptocurrencies, which many consider being high risk simply since they are relative newcomers in comparison to the more traditional investment opportunities? For example, Bitcoin is now well established and represents a considerably more stable opportunity than some of the newer and less stable cryptocurrency. We can easily find the best way to buy Bitcoin online from an established and reputable cryptocurrency exchange. For other, newer cryptocurrency coins the level of risk is increased, the value of the coins themselves fluctuates more rapidly. We can also see the newer exchanges that offer extremely new cryptocurrencies cannot always be trusted. The chance of fraudulent transactions increases with any investment to an opportunity that less is known about.

Short or Long-term

How quickly are you looking for a return on your investment? This is directly linked to the level of risk we just discussed. If you seek a bug return in a short space of time, you are taking a risk. Take an example from the sharp end of this, day trading. Day trading should not be undertaken lightly, especially for the uninitiated. Day trading involves buying and selling the same coins within a business day. Any sharp rises or falls can either make or break your strategy. The longer-term investment is simpler to plan. You can look at the long-term price changes of a coin, such as Bitcoin. Data over time will give a decent indication of what price you should sell at, and if this is likely to happen any time soon.

Cryptocurrency as Payment

If you are a business owner, you could consider accepting cryptocurrency as an alternative payment option. Taking payments this way is a relatively low-cost strategy to capitalize on the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies. You are risking virtually nothing, and if it pays off, you could attract a whole new category of customers. Be mindful of the exchange rate, as this changes more rapidly than with traditional currencies, and holding funds in cryptocurrency long-term may be a disadvantage.

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