Six Time-Management Tips for Professionals

Many of us don’t find the time for ourselves or many other things we want or have to do. It’s also not uncommon for professionals to leave today’s work on tomorrow because they couldn’t complete it in time.

Let me tell you something, it’s not that the time is short; the problem is your bad time management. Some get the work of weeks done in hours, while some keep dragging their little work for days.

This article has some very useful and practical tips from experienced professionals about managing your time properly.

Keep Tools in Access

We often need some little tools like document compressors. If we don’t have them in easy access, searching for them distracts us from our real job. Get all the tools, even little ones, even if they cost you money. For example, you can get a complete PDF solution like SodaPDF that offers every feature you could possibly need, including a document compressor. These will save you time and energy.

Write Down on a Notepad

Write down all your tasks for the next day before you leave for the day. And don’t rely on sticky notes or other mobile applications. Keep a notepad on your desk all the time. There have actually been studies on it that proved that you are more likely to get things done when you write them on a page. Writing your tasks and checking them you complete them helps avoid procrastination.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is not a real thing unless you have a natural gift. Experienced professionals agree that it’s a great way to screw up two tasks simultaneously. It might give you the feeling that you are working hard, but it only takes more time, and the quality of the work is compromised. Focus on one thing at a time and try to do it fast if there is another urgent thing waiting for you.

Follow the 1-Minute Rule

It’s a rule many professionals follow who have to deal with many little things regular basis. Instead of keep writing things or keeping them on hold, you should follow the 1-minute rule. It means that if a task will take you no more than one minute to complete, try to do it on priority. It might keep bugging you while you do other work and might take more time if you get to it after you are free.

Prioritize Your List

Creating a list is important, but even that can be confusing sometimes. Try to prioritize the items on your list by most important to least important. You would know which task is done better at what time. For example, you should do the hectic task when you are at your most productive phase.

Set Deadlines for Everything

Give yourself a deadline for every task you have to do. This will help you focus and stay on track without wasting any minute. However, your goals and deadlines should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Action-Focused, Realistic, and Time-Specific. If you set unrealistic deadlines, you will miss them, and it will weaken your morale.

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