Alphacool launches RAM,GPU and Bitspower Lotan VGA water blocks

The Alphacool assortment has replenished with two waterblocks in early autumn 2019 – the new items are designed for memory modules and a video card.

The Aurora Acetal GPX-A GPU-Water AMD Radeon RX 5700 / 5700XT Reference is made in a thin, minimalistic form factor, focused on improved performance. Its thickness is only 5.5 mm, the base is made of copper and closed with a plexiglass cover. Instead of the IN / OUT marks, small white triangles are applied to the housing to indicate the direction of fluid flow. The manufacturer did not supply the product with RGB-backlight, instead using the glowing Radeon logo at the bottom of the water block.

The second novelty was the Aurora Plexi X4 D-RAM water block for cooling memory, supporting up to 4 modules. The design is represented by a copper base, a plexiglass panel and an RGB tape with 6 LEDs, passing inside the perimeter. Address lighting is connected via a 3-pin connector. Using the Y-adapter, which is included in the kit, you can connect several components to each other.

Structurally, the water block is made in the form of a full-cover, with heat removal from the GPU and power supply circuit elements.

Bitspower Lotan VGA water blocks:

HEDT 32-core processors require particularly high-quality cooling, so the developers of EK Water Blocks took these features into account and introduced a family of waterblocks for AMD processors:

  • EK-Velocity sTR4 D-RGB
  • EK-Velocity sTR4
  • EK-Velocity sTR4 RGB

The range includes 5 models with acetal, plexiglass or fully nickel-plated covers. Waterblocks are also compatible with AMD TRX40 motherboards using sTRX4 socket. The difference is in the pin arrangement of the sTRX40, but this does not affect the installation or the quality of cooling. For decoration, ordinary or address RGB-illumination is used.

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