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Now that we have reached a time when there are great technological advancements, we experience a great level of convenience compared to how we do things years back. Gone are the days when we use acetates and overhead projectors to present media and other documents. We now use PowerPoint presentations to let people see our ideas in the most comprehensive yet aesthetically pleasing way that we can.

When we go to school or even at work, we realize that we have been highly reliant on PowerPoint presentations. We can even save PPT files on our phones and tablets. However, PPT files are sometimes incompatible with our handheld devices and others. You can convert PPT to PDF free! Here are the reasons to check out PDFBear, the best PPT to PDF converter:

Ensures privacy.

We do most of our work today in the digital space. With this, all the content that we upload may be used against us. As technology advances, so do malicious elements like hackers. To protect your data, choose the sites or the platforms that you will entrust your data. In converting PPT to PDF online, PDFBear highly values your privacy. To ensure the privacy of your documents, PDFBear will only give you a limited time to download your new PDF file after they convert it from PPT. This way, you will be reassured that PDFBear does not save and exploit your document.

Works well with other operating systems.

Some PPT to PDF tools do not work well with other operating systems. If our operating system is unlike the common ones, it can be quite frustrating to look for a tool that you can trust. Having it to work is a different story. The good thing is, PDFBear works well with all operating systems. This universal PDF converter tool can work well with Windows, Mac, Linux, and others.


While Microsoft Office might be the most used PPT creator app, we cannot deny that some people still use other office apps such as LibreOffice, WPS Office, and a lot more. Therefore, our PPT files sometimes become PPTX. The X in PPTX stands for XML. This means that this version is deemed as an “open source.” Some tools have problems with converting PPTX files. You do not have to worry with PDFBear around, because it also converts PPTX files just fine!

Convenient conversion.

Converting with PDFBear is not that difficult. It also would not take that much of your time. Compared to saving your PPT to PDF, using PDFBear is more convenient. You will just have to upload your file and wait for a little for PDFBear to convert it before you download your new PDF file. Saving your PPT as PDF can take a lot of time. Opening your PPT then saving it again can also be a bit of a job, especially when you are converting a lot of files.

  1. More offers from the paid version!

Those perks above are available at PDFBear for free! Once you have applied for a membership and get a paid tool, you will be in for a lot more perks! Some things that you will get with the membership are getting an unlimited task conversion, an unlimited storage space for your files, get to work on multiple files per task, and get a faster upload speed. You will be in for a lot more pleasant surprises upon getting the membership. Before paying, you can avail of the free trial and enjoy the PDFBear membership for 14 days.

Convert quickly and easily with PDFBear

Now that you know some perks of trusting PDFBear, it is now up to you to try it out yourself. Presenting and studying your PPT file in its PDF format offers the utmost convenience and accessibility. To do this, you just need to visit and upload your PPT file by clicking “Select Files”. You can also just drag the file on the uploading box. You wait for it to convert and once it is ready, you can now click “Download”. Voila! You have now converted your PPT to PDF, Try it out for all your document needs today!

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