4 Marketing Tactics To Keep Customers Engaged On Social Media

Did you know that there are more than 3.5 billion active social media users in this world? Out of which, almost 54% of users browse through social media before making a purchase decision, according to Statista. A recent study also showed that 71% of marketers believe social media to be the most effective marketing platform in today’s era. These statistics prove the powerful impact social media has had, not only on its users but also on thousands of businesses.

If done accurately, social media can become a critical dominating factor for business growth. Hence, promoting your business through social media is crucial. However, only posting relevant content is not enough. The secret to business success via social media lies in customer engagement. The greater the engagement rates, the more promotional chances your brand will have.

Let’s discuss some marketing tactics which will help boost your social media engagement.

1. Promote your blog on social media

Blogs are an effective method of getting your message across to your readers and capturing their attention. You can use blogs for several purposes. For instance, you can post content about all of your brands, their history, and your beliefs and values. You can also use blogs to post relevant information about your product/services. Or you can use blogs to get important messages across to users. Remember, your blog’s engagement rate heavily depends on your blog content ideas and captivating posts. Therefore, coming up with enticing content is essential.

Blogs are a vital part of generating your brand’s online traffic. Hence, utilizing them in every way possible is crucial. A proven effective technique is to use your social media accounts to attract traffic to your blogs. You can do so in several ways, some of which are:

  • Start adding a tweet sign to your blog post, so it gets more attraction when people share your blog on Twitter.
  • Consider starting a separate Facebook page for your blog and regularly share content on it.
  • Use social sharing tools like Flare on your website. Social sharing tools allow you to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and email simultaneously.
  • Write captivating headlines. Headlines are the first thing users read. If they are not catchy, most users will not go forward with reading your article, no matter how well-written it is.

2. Converse with your audience

Promoting your business on social media platforms requires you to do more than only posting direct adverts on your business accounts. If you want to see a rise in your engagement rate, start indulging in creating discussions with your followers. People use social media for entertainment, learning, and to converse about things that interest them. The key is to smartly include all these elements in your strategy since they hold a far greater appeal than direct commercial TV adverts.

An essential part of creating conversion is consistently replying to your customers. Instant replies help build a brand’s reputation and establishes customer trust and loyalty. It also considerably increases the chances of customers coming back to you for second-time purchases. Also, remember, if you never reply to your customers, they will stop liking and commenting on your posts which will directly affect your engagement rate.

You must also engage in talking about your brand. An effective way to do so is to join different groups according to your business’s niche. For instance, if you have a food business, joining a food group on Facebook can help you promote your business and learn from others’ experiences. Similarly, you can also create groups on different social media platforms. Inviting powerful, influential people to join your group and indulging in healthy discussions is an excellent way of spreading awareness about your brand. However, in order to get these influential people interested in your brand, you need to have an excellent social media strategy set up. You can do this by yourself, you can create an in-house team to focus on your social media efforts, or you can find a trusted social media advertising agency that can do all of the heavy lifting.

3. Make use of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a famous term recently. After all, the rising number of influencers is slowly beginning to dominate digital media. Even though some marketers believe influencer marketing to be a separate marketing strategy, it is still a large part of social media. Influencers on social media hold power to make or break a business. One bad review and your brand might lose hundreds of potential customers. On the other hand, a good review can increase your following incredibly.

Partnering up with influencers is yet another effective marketing tactic to increase your social media engagement. 70% of teens say they trust an influencer’s review, and 74% of customers say influencers highly influence their purchase decisions.

When influencers put up a post or a story about your brand’s product or service, it might encourage many of their followers to check out your page, like, and leave a comment. You can also sponsor a giveaway with influencers under specific terms and conditions. Include liking, commenting, sharing, and following part of those conditions and witness the unimaginable rise in your engagement rates.

4. Invest in video content

According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses they support. Almost 8 out of 10 people make purchase decisions after watching a video about a particular product or service. 87% of marketers claim video marketing to be highly effective and label it as ‘consumers favorite.’

Video content is becoming the most crucial factor in the advertising world. It has far greater reachability than images and other graphics. But, the rise in demand for video content does not mean images are no longer compelling. They are still a vital part of social media if strategized correctly. On the other hand, videos interest consumers more and can commendably improve a brand’s engagement and conversion rates.

We reside in a busy world with limited time on our hands to read and make sense out of long texts. So, here is how videos help; they are easy to consume and show the consumers’ product details quickly. Hence, more customers prefer videos over other static forms of graphics.

Videos can also greatly influence social shares. Various social media platforms are coming up with different video content features. Instagram, for example, has an option of a live video, story video, IGTV, reels, and a standard video post. So many features encourage social shares, which in turn boosts engagement.


Investing your time, money, and energy in strategizing your social media marketing is vital to your business’s success. Social media is rapidly evolving with the introduction of diverse and innovative features now and then. Hence, it is safe to assert that social media is here to stay.

What’s essential is that you narrow down the best platforms to work with and lay out a strategy. The more compelling and influential your presence on social media platforms will be, the more engagement your brand will enjoy.

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