There Are Many AdWords Management Services Out There. How Do You Find the Right One?

Businesses of all sizes can generate new sales by capitalizing on the power of Google search. But knowing this and putting effective campaigns in place are two different things. Overcoming barriers to getting some Google AdWords campaigns live is not always easy.

From small businesses without sufficient resources to larger firms without the skills in-house, there is always a business case to be made for hiring a strong Google AdWords consultant. No matter the size of a firm, Google offers a unique ability to bring highly targeted leads into the mix. They also give you a chance to steal a march on your competition, and snare the best leads from them over to you.

So where do you start for bringing an AdWords consultant to help your firm?

Draw up some requirements

Google AdWords are a vital pillar of your digital marketing strategy. In B2B sales, buyers are known to do their own research before even picking up a phone nowadays. Making your products and services easy to find is vital, and AdWords are central to that.

Hiring a specialist to create and manage your campaigns is a great start. Set about your recruitment process by outlining what you are looking for in exactly the same way as you would draw up a job spec for a new recruit. The more precise you can be, the better your chances will be of finding the best-fit partner.

In your brief, provide detail about your budget, lead goals, and what your business does. AdWords consultants will also need to know who you are trying to sell to. This will help them craft the best headlines and ad copy.

Take this opportunity to tell your selected agencies what you are looking for from them. Are you looking for a complete managed solution, or will you have some involvement too? How do you expect to collaborate and share information with them? Using tools such as G Suite makes for efficient lead sharing and campaign preparation.

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Progressing towards a decision

The sooner you can progress towards a final hire, the sooner you can concentrate on your core business and let the leads filter in. But take a little longer on this last step to get your decision right.

When you receive details back from the agencies, speak with each one in more detail. Ask them about their recipe for success, and how they optimize their lead generation. Ask for specific details on how long they will dedicate to your campaigns each week, and what they would see as success based on your project and budget.

You also need to know how they bill, and what success or failure means to your contract.

Assess the answers to these questions, and then make a final decision.

Getting started

Now the fun starts! Get your Google AdWords consultant onboarded as quickly as possible. Enable them with all the information they need to understand your products and potential buyers, and give them some compelling offers to optimize your ads.

Appearing in search results is one thing, but enticing the searcher to take a decisive action to click is another. Compelling reasons to click can include an interesting piece of content to download such as an infographic or whitepaper. Or you can focus more on a free trial, seasonal discount, or demo. Either way, give the searcher something to get excited about and visit your site.

Establishing what your potential buyers are searching for is the next step to getting up and running. Your agency will use a keyword tool to define the best options, and set budgets against each keyword accordingly.

Get your resources mobilized

Once you have decided on your message and campaign content, get your team onside. If everything goes well, you will have some interesting leads to qualify and nurture.

Prime your A-team for action. If you have inside salespeople, brief them on the content of the campaigns and what people have clicked. If they are to follow-up effectively, they need to know what talking points to mention. Keep some technical resources free in case you need to spin up a demo for a hot prospect. Most of all, prepare some good follow-up emails to nurture your new contacts and send them other resources that may be of interest.

You have made a wise move getting some Google AdWords campaigns started. Ensure you make the most of the results and maximize your ROI to really accelerate your business.

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