MilesWeb Review: Is It the Right Provider for You in 2021?

2021, the year of the vaccines #Vaccines Work, yes thanks to the scientists, doctors and researchers. We finally have the vaccines up and running for every individual. But, what about the much-needed research for your business to soar high? Have you looked on for the essentials to take your business and enter a new periphery? After all 2020, the year of a dreadful pandemic has taught us the importance of reaching out to people in the right way. Have you thought of doing it by taking your business online? If you are already a pro in it, then is your website properly up and running like the vaccine? If the answer to any one of the above questions is a big NO! then you’ve landed on the right page at the right time.

So, in case you are running a startup, trying to create a larger digital presence for your business, or just working from home, you will need a best-suited web host. One which makes a point to think from the perspective of the web owner, developer or business owner, one which properly guides you to fulfill your expectations from your website down the line. After all, it is an investment and it needs to trickle down with desired results because for me it has been MilesWeb a company which I proudly state as my “Hosting Partner”.

 What does MilesWeb Offer?

 A Customer-first approach: A web hosting company that sets a benchmark for customer support.

An Indian web hosting company, MilesWeb has datacenters at several prominent locations across the country. The infrastructure allows you to select a suitable datacenter as per your convenience, and for the traffic on your website. Not just the infrastructure but the friendly & professional customer support makes life easy for any web owner, developer, or business owner to maintain all the webbased daily tasks. So whether you are a newbie or a pro, you have any issue with your daily web-based business, MilesWeb has a solution. May it betheir knowledge base or easily approachable customer service through 24/7 mailing service or the live chat box, they do follow anywhere anytime service approach.

 Variety of Hosting Services as Per Your Need: You Name It & They Have It

MilesWeb offers different variants of plans. Let us have an overview.

 Shared Web Hosting

If it is just the beginning for you as a blogger or if it is for the first time you’ve thought of a digital presence for your business then shared hosting is the best option for you. MilesWeb has shared hosting plans which start from Rs.40/month, shared hosting is one of the cheapest options for you to host your website on any server. But even if it is one of the cheapest, MilesWeb offers ample features with the shared hosting plans without any hidden charges.

Within the shared hosting variant, MilesWeb offers three variations to best suit your need.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller Hosting is the go-to option for every web developer, wherein the host gives the developer a dedicated drive space with a feature called web hosting manager(WHM), which a developer can then use to manage hosting for his or her clients according to their respective requirements. Not just this, a developer can even create packages as per his or her business liking and resell them accordingly. In addition, you even get a WHMCS license at a reasonable price, which simplifies billing and other backend essentials for a developer.

MilesWeb as a hosting company has segregated the reseller hosting variant into four different plans. So it is up to you to choose the right one and make sure that you “choose wisely and manage well.”

Reseller Web Hosting Plans


VPS Hosting:

Now if you are someone whose website has come way ahead of shared hosting because of the number of sites on the same web server and have ever experienced glitches at times due to heavy traffic, then VPS or Virtual Private Server is the best for you.The reason is there are less number of users sharing the allotted segment of drive space, processor power and memory.

MilesWeb offers dedicated resources and control panelwith every VPS which has 6 plan variants.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress has been one of the most budding platforms for web developers and designers with its free and open-source content management system. With facilities like one-click WordPress, auto-update, daily back-up, and an enormous range of plugins and themes, MilesWeb has everything with WordPress compatibility.

What Is so Special about MilesWeb?

 Best in Class Performance: As a web owner what do we need is swift loading for the convenience of the visitors and MilesWeb will get you the best of the lot. With Litespeed web server technology which they offer, the website’s loading time is dwarfed to half in comparison to others.

 24/7 Customer Support: With 24/7 customer support for 365 days you get a well content and experienced support through live chats, which is prompt and worth it.

 99.95% uptime: To guarantee that your website is as swift as you want it to be round the clock.

30 days money-back guarantee: MilesWeb believes in the difference of opinions and respect individuality, and hence they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with the service.

 And Much More…


Now coming back to the initial mention of this year, if you are getting all this served on a platter at your doorstep and from a brand name that has gained a lot of awards and accolades. Then isn’t MilesWeb Hosting one of the best vaccines which your business needs in the #NewNormal?

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