Can’t Save Files Anymore? Learn The Cause Of “Low Storage” In Your Mac

After spending hours on the project, you finally completed it. However, as soon as you tried to save the project, the device showed a “Your disk is almost full” error. And sadly, it is not a rare scenario; it is happening almost every time you try to save something on your MacBook.

It can get very frustrating, especially when the data you need to save is crucial. Therefore, you must find a solution for “low storage.” However, before you find a solution, it is essential that you understand the root cause of this issue. The reason being is that when you know the root cause of recurring technical problems, you can resolve them once and for all.

So, let’s learn what could be the possible reason for “Low storage” in your Mac. Scroll down!

Log folders

Log files are like the journal entries of everything that you do on the system. It generally contains application errors and crash reports which are of no use. If you are using a software, logs help improve the performance; however, it also takes up the disk space. Outdated logs could be one of the reasons that your device doesn’t have enough disk space. Therefore, you should clear these files.

How to clear log:

  • Open Finder > Select “Go to Folder” in Go menu > Type “~/Library/Logs” > Press Enter > Select All Files > Move to Trash.
  • After that, you should also clear your trash and restart Mac.

Note: Double-check the symbol “~” before deleting the files. Also, it would be better to remove the insides of these folders and not the folder.

Duplicate Photos

While saving pictures, there is a possibility that you might have created duplicate images. Or you have saved the same pictures in more than one folder in your system unknowingly. Many photographers face this issue. This could result in filling up the disk space more quickly. Therefore you should delete these duplicate pictures.

How to delete duplicate photos:

Deleting duplicate photos is easier said than done. It requires a lot of time and energy. But thankfully, there are special tools that can help you locate duplicate or even similar-looking images. You can use these tools and delete the extra images. It’ll surely help you save a lot of space on your device.

Mobile device backups

Do you often create a backup of your iPhone or iPad on your Macbook? If yes, then it could also be the cause of low storage. These backups are stored in the “~/Library,” thus filling a significant amount of the storage space. It can include music, movies, or any other larger folder. It is better to remove these files from the mac and use Time machine or iCloud for the backup.

How to delete backups:

For macOS Catalina 10.15 or later:

Open Finder > General tab > Click “Manage Backups” > Right-click on backup that you want > Select delete or archive.

For macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier:

Open iTunes > Choose Preferences > Click Devices > Right-click on backup that you want > Select delete or archive.

To sum it all up!

These can be some of the causes that your Mac space is filling up very quickly. With the solutions given above, you can easily remove these files and create extra space.

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