Marvel Strike Force game tips Tier List Characters

Marvel Strike Force is an exhilarating mobile RPG that brings together an extensive roster of Marvel characters. Whether you’re a die-hard Marvel fan or just a casual gamer, this game offers something for everyone. Since its release, Marvel Strike Force has captivated millions with its engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and constant updates that keep the experience fresh.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List

Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Controls and Navigation: Navigating through Marvel Strike Force is straightforward, even for those new to mobile RPGs. The user interface is intuitive, allowing players to easily access various game modes, manage their roster, and upgrade their characters.

  • SS Tier: These are the greatest characters that you should be aiming to get. They will bring the most power to your team.
  • S Tier: Wonderful characters that fit in with any team and should be considered for acquisition.
  • A Tier: All the solid characters with great potential make for a dependable team member.
  • B Tier: Good characters that average out but might perform better in the right hands.
  • C Tier: Below average characters that should be used if no other option is available.
  • D Tier: The worst of the worst, stay away from these characters if you can.

Combat System and Strategies: Combat in Marvel Strike Force is turn-based, requiring players to think critically about their moves. Each character has unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Strategizing the order of attacks and utilizing character synergies can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

Marvel Strike Force Controller Tier List

Characters and Teams

Heroes and Villains: One of the biggest draws of Marvel Strike Force game is its diverse cast of characters, ranging from iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man to infamous villains like Thanos and Loki. Each character has distinct abilities and roles, making team composition crucial.

Tier MSF Characters
SS Sersi, Domino, Omega Red, Ghost, Doctor Doom, Magneto, Taskmaster, Hela, and Phoenix
S Vision, Sharon Carter, Emma Frost, Swarm, Scream, Venom, Jessica Jones, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Proxima Midnight, Graviton, Agent Coulson, Quake, and Loki
A Toad, Ronan, Ghost-Spider, Baron Zemo, Polaris, Iceman, Mordo, Karnak, Scarlet Witch, Mister Fantastic, and Hawkeye
B Mystique, Okoye, Mantis, Red Skull, Ant-Man, Jubilee, Misty Knight, and Storm
C Nobu, A.I.M Infector, and Mysterio
D Hand Assassin and Kree Noble

Building the Ultimate Team: Creating the best team involves balancing various factors, such as character abilities, roles (tank, healer, damage dealer), and synergies. Understanding these dynamics is key to progressing in the game.

Marvel Strike Force Brawler Tier List

Campaign Mode: Campaign mode is the main storyline of Marvel Strike Force, where players battle through various chapters to uncover the game’s plot and unlock new characters.

Tier MSF Characters
SS Symbiote Spider-Man and Echo
S Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, White Tiger, Lady Deathstrike, Colleen Wing, Deadpool, Black Panther, Corvus Glaive, Carnage, Ms.Marvel, and The Thing
A Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Psylocke, Vulture, and Ultimus
B Daredevil, Gamora, America Chavez, and Iron Fist, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Heimdall and Shatterstar
C Kree Reaper, AIM Monstrosity, Elektra, Namor, X-23, and Nebula
D Hand Blademaster

Marvel Strike Force Blaster Tier List

Events and Special Missions

Regular Events: Marvel Strike Force hosts regular events that offer opportunities to earn rare resources and character shards. Participating in these events is crucial for progression.

Tier MSF Characters
SS Ultron, Black Bolt, Ikaris, and Kestrel
S Rocket Raccoon, Crystal, Falcon, Bishop, Silver Surfer, Negasonic, Yelena Belova, Iron Man, War Machine, Pyro, Rocket, and Human Torch
A Cyclops, Thor, Killmonger, Longshot, Yellowjacket, Green Goblin, Korath, Shocker, Ironheart, Punisher, and Elsa Bloodstone
B Cable, S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper, A.I.M. Assaulter, and Wasp
C Bullseye, Winter Soldier, Hydra Sniper, Hydra Grenadier, Kree Cyborg, Electro, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault
D Mercenary Soldier, Hand Archer, Hydra Rifle Trooper, Ravager Boomer

Limited-Time Missions: These missions are available for a short period and often feature exclusive rewards, encouraging players to complete them quickly.

Marvel Strike Force Support Tier List

Resources and Currency

Gold: Gold is the primary currency used for leveling up characters and upgrading their abilities.

Power Cores: Power Cores are premium currency that can be used to purchase various in-game items, including character shards, energy refills, and more.

Training Modules: Training Modules are essential for leveling up characters, making them stronger and more effective in battles.

Tier MSF Characters
SS Shuri, Scientist Supreme, Ebony Maw, Nick Fury, Moondragon, and Minn-Erva
S Mister Sinister and Anti-Venom
A Adam Warlock, Groot, Doctor Strange, S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic, Mercenary Lieutenant, and Doctor Octopus
B Hydra Scientist, Yondu, Maria Hill, Squirrel Girl, Beast, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative
C Rescue, Kree Oracle, Night Nurse, A.I.M Researcher, and Hand Sorceress
D Ravager Stitcher

Marvel Strike Force Protector Tier List

Leveling Up and Progression

Character Levels: Characters gain experience and level up, increasing their stats and unlocking new abilities.

Gear Levels: Equipping characters with gear boosts their stats significantly. Collecting gear pieces and upgrading gear levels are vital for making characters more powerful.

Ability Levels: Upgrading abilities enhances their effects, making them more potent in combat. Ability materials are required for these upgrades.

Tier MSF Characters
SS Yo-Yo and Invisible Woman
S Silver Samurai, Thanos, Cull Obsidian, Captain America, Phyla-Vell, and Red Guardian
A Drax, Stature, Captain America (Sam Wilson), She-Hulk, Multiple Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. Security, Hand Sentry, Mercenary Riot Guard, Sif, and Kingpin
B Stryfe, Juggernaut, Rhino, Luke Cage, Hulk, Kitty Pryde, Blob, and Colossus
C M’Baku, A.I.M Security, and Crossbones
D Ravager Bruiser, Kree Royal Guard, and Hydra Armored Guard

Marvel Strike Force SS Tier List

Synergy and Team Composition

Importance of Synergy: Synergy between characters can amplify their effectiveness. Teams that are well-synergized can outperform stronger but less coordinated teams.

Best Team Compositions: Certain combinations of characters work exceptionally well together. For example, the X-Men team, with their powerful synergy, is one of the best in the game.

Character Origin
Black Panther Mystic
Shuri Tech
Spider-Man (Symbiote) Bio
Doctor Doom Tech/ Mystic
Echo Skill
Ghost Tech
Ultron Tech
Loki Mystic
Invisible Woman Bio
Black Bolt Bio
Domino Mutant
Ghost Rider Mystic
Moon Dragon Skill
Taskmaster Skill
Yo-Yo Bio
Scientist Supreme Tech
Hela Mystic
Ebony Maw Mystic
Omega Red Mutant
Magneto Mutant
Phoenix Mutant
Minn-Erva Tech
Kestrel Skill/ Tech
Vision Tech
Deadpool Mutant

Marvel Strike Force S Tier List

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Early Game Tips: Focus on a few key characters to build a strong core team. Completing daily objectives and participating in events can accelerate your progress.

Common Mistakes to Avoid: Avoid spreading resources too thin across many characters. Instead, concentrate on leveling up your primary team to maximize your effectiveness in battles.

Character Origin
Colleen Wing Skill
Carnage Bio
Yelena Belova Skill
Lady Deathstrike Tech
Captain America Bio
Scream Bio
Silver Samurai Mutant
Cull Obsidian Bio
The Thing Bio
Spider-Man Bio
Black Widow Skill
Iron Man Tech
Captain Marvel Bio
Crystal Bio
War Machine Tech
Phyla-Vell Bio
Rocket Raccoon Tech
Negasonic Mutant
Swarm Bio
Star-Lord Tech
Emma Frost Mutant
Anti-Venom Bio
Falcon Tech
Doctor Strange Mystic
Moon Knight Mystic
Ms. Marvel Bio
Nick Fury Skill
White Tiger Mystic
Graviton Bio
Corvus Glaive Skill
Silver Surfer Mystic
Red Guardian Skill
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Bio
Proxima Midnight Skill
Mister Sinister Mutant
Quake Bio
Venom Bio
Sharon Carter Skill
Bishop Mutant
Scarlet Witch Mystic
Pyro Mutant
Jessica Jones Bio
Yondu Mystic

Marvel Strike Force A Tier List

Advanced Strategies

Mid to Late-Game Tactics: As you progress, pay attention to character synergies and advanced strategies like turn manipulation and targeting priority.

Maximizing Resources: Efficiently managing resources such as gold, power cores, and ability materials is crucial for sustained progression. Participate in events and prioritize spending on essential upgrades.

Character Origin
Mordo Mystic
Thanos Mystic
Cyclops Mutant
Adam Warlock Mystic
Shocker Tech
Colossus Mutant
Ultimus Mystic
Toad Mutant
Psylocke Mutant
Multiple Man Mutant
Sif Skill
Hawkeye Skill
Killmonger Skill
Punisher Skill
Captain America (Sam Wilson) Skill
Kingpin Skill
Korath Tech
Red Skull Bio
Iceman Mutant
Agent Coulson Tech
She-Hulk Bio
Groot Bio
Vulture Tech
Polaris Mutant
Green Goblin Bio
Ronan Mystic
Karnak Skill
Elsa Bloodstone Mystic
Yellowjacket Tech
Drax Bio
Stature Bio
Doctor Octopus Tech
Baron Zemo Skill
Mr. Fantastic Bio
Longshot Mutant
Human Torch Bio
Hulk Bio
Ironheart Tech
Thor Mystic
Storm Mutant

Marvel Strike Force B Tier List

Community and Social Features

Joining Alliances: Being part of an alliance offers numerous benefits, including access to raid rewards and Alliance War participation.

In-Game Chat and Communication: Utilizing in-game chat helps coordinate with alliance members and gain valuable tips from more experienced players.

Character Origin
Shatterstar Mutant
Rhino Bio
Winter Soldier Bio
Daredevil Bio
Maria Hill Skill
Misty Knight Tech
Iron Fist Mystic
Wolverine Mutant
Stryfe Mutant
Ant-Man Tech
Kitty Pryde Mutant
Squirrel Girl Bio
Jubilee Mutant
Okoye Skill
Beast Mutant
Elektra Mystic
Mystique Mutant
Luke Cage Bio
Sabretooth Mutant
Heimdall Mystic
Juggernaut Mystic
Mantis Bio
Gamora Skill
America Chavez Mystic
Cable Mutant
Mysterio Tech

Marvel Strike Force C Tier List

In-Game Purchases and Microtransactions

Free-to-Play vs. Pay-to-Win: Marvel Strike Force balances free-to-play and pay-to-win elements. While spending can accelerate progress, dedicated free-to-play players can still compete effectively.

Best Value Purchases: If you decide to spend money, look for offers that provide the most value, such as character shard bundles and special event deals.

Character Origin
Crossbones Tech
Namor Mutant
Wasp Tech
Electro Bio
Nobu Mystic
Hand Sorceress Mystic
Bullseye Skill
X-23 Mutant
Night Nurse Skill
Blob Mutant
Nebula Tech
Rescue Tech

Marvel Strike Force Game Play

Top Marvel Strike Force Controllers

Recent Updates: Marvel Strike Force frequently updates with new characters, events, and game modes, ensuring the game remains engaging.

Omega Red:

  • Real Name: Arkady Rossovich
  • Origin: Mutant
  • Abilities: Carbonadium Lash, Coil Crush, Tentacle Onslaught, Death Factor

Upcoming Features: Future developments often include new characters, storylines, and features that enhance gameplay and keep the player base excited.


  • Real Name: Erik Lehnsherr
  • Origin: Mutant
  • Organization: Brotherhood
  • Abilities: Magnetic Force, Polarized Beam, Magnetic Vortex,
  • Brotherhood of Mutants

Top Marvel Strike Force Brawlers

How It Stacks Up Against Other Mobile RPGs: Marvel Strike Force stands out with its high-quality graphics, extensive roster of characters, and strategic depth compared to other mobile RPGs.


  • Real Name: Peter Parker
  • Origin: Bio
  • Abilities: Agile Attack, Web Slinger, Tangled Web, Spidey-Sense

Unique Selling Points: The unique blend of Marvel lore, strategic gameplay, and constant updates makes Marvel Strike Force a must-play for fans of the genre.


  • Real Name: Maya Lopez
  • Origin: Skill
  • Abilities: Avenge Without Fear, Tonfa Bash, Debilitating Brawl, Perfect Mimicry

Best Marvel Strike Force Blasters

Blitz Mode: Blitz mode offers quick, competitive battles that reward players with character shards and other resources. It’s a great way to earn rewards and test different team compositions.


  • Real Name: James Spader
  • Origin: Tech
  • Abilities: Disintegration Beam, Factory Upgrade, Purge System, Ultron Prime

Raids: Raids are cooperative missions where players join forces with their alliance members to take down powerful bosses for epic rewards.

Black Bolt:

  • Real Name: Blackagar Boltagon
  • Origin: Bio
  • Abilities: Royal Strike, Staggering Voice, Sonic Scream, King of Attilan

Best Marvel Strike Force Supporters

Arena: Arena mode pits players against each other in PvP battles, with rankings that determine the rewards received at the end of each season.


  • Real Name: Shuri
  • Origin: Tech
  • Abilities: Vibranium Gauntlets, Instant Upgrade, Kimono Healing, Wakanda Forever

Alliance War: Alliance War is a large-scale, strategic mode where alliances go head-to-head in battles for control over various rooms, each offering different bonuses.

Ebony Maw:

  • Real Name: Ebony Maw
  • Origin: Mystic
  • Abilities: Needle Storm, Insidious Whisper, Forced Transfusion, Envoy Of Thanos

FAQs on Marvel Strike Force

  • What is the best team in Marvel Strike Force? The best team can vary based on game mode and current meta, but popular choices include teams with strong synergies like the X-Men, Asgardians, or Black Order.
  • How do I get more Power Cores? Power Cores can be earned through daily objectives, achievements, and special events. They can also be purchased with real money.
  • What should I spend my gold on? Focus on upgrading your main team’s abilities and leveling up characters to ensure you can progress through different game modes efficiently.
  • How can I improve my Alliance War performance? Coordinate with your alliance, build strong defense teams, and focus on targeting key rooms to maximize your alliance’s score and rewards.
  • Are there any cheats or hacks for Marvel Strike Force? Using cheats or hacks is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban. It’s best to play the game fairly and utilize legitimate strategies to progress.


Turn-based RPG games, such as Marvel Strike Force, can be a lot of fun to play. But when it comes to collecting characters from the Marvel universe both heroes and villains, it can be difficult to choose which ones to use in your team.

Marvel Strike Force offers a rich, engaging experience for both Marvel enthusiasts and mobile gamers. Its strategic depth, diverse character roster, and regular updates keep players coming back for more. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned player, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy in this dynamic game.